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Live Boring Office Guy

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Recently, I’ve been testing out broadcasting live on YouTube. These are the different live videos I’ll be posting:

Cookie Clicker Saturday, 11/2/13 12:35 pm – 1:00 pm I’m going to be playing a game called Cookie Clicker live and talk about my progress in the game!

Minecraft BoringOfficeGuy Saturday, 11/2/13 2:00 pm – ? I’ll be pretending I got stuck inside a computer game called Minecraft and I’ll investigate to find a way out!

You guys can ask me questions that I’ll answer for this next one.

BoringLive Sunday, 11/3/13 2:00 – ? I will talk about my life as BoringOfficeGuy!

Any questions you write in the comments section of this post will be answered live. (example: Why is your boss so mean?)

Boring Office Guy Minecraft Skins

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These are the Minecraft skins for BOG’s first and second suits. I slightly modified someone else’s Minecraft skin to make it look more like me and have the right suits. You may use these whichever way you want except to make money. Well, here you go:

BOG First Suit BOG Second Suit


(Top: BOG’s First Suit; Bottom: BOG’s Second Suit)

Boring Office Guy When He’s 80

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Click here to watch the video!

If you have trouble understanding Mad Scientist Flufy, there are translations in the description. He’s got a pretty strange accent 😉


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Dudes, you know who you are. I know you wanted me to post another post. I guess I’ll make one for Christmas. It’s called “Boring Office Guy Christmas Lockout”

Part 1

Part 2

Choose the video you think I should make next!

Posted in observations on August 26, 2012 by Xiaoping Yoholeugh

If one of these videos has already been made than this poll is outdated.

If one of these videos has already been made than this poll is outdated.

Boring Office Guy Starts a Nature Journal

Posted in observations on August 3, 2012 by Xiaoping Yoholeugh

I was going to upload the video I promised to make a long time ago, Sitting in a Chair, but YouTube didn’t accept it. It will be up soon. For the time being here is Boring Office Guy Starts a Nature Journal.

Click here

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