Boring Office Guy Episode: 1-The house

Hi B.O.G. here. you may like this thing with 4 scenes.

1-Office Man

2-What Is In The Fridge


4-Atack Of The Boring Buddy


12 Responses to “Boring Office Guy Episode: 1-The house”

  1. […] Now playing over at BOG’s website […]

  2. I liked the living room dance and the Boring Buddy hug.

  3. The flip flops really make the suit … and I loved the boring guy dance.

  4. Boring Office Guy – great dance moves! I think the shorts and flip flops are the new fashion office guy trend!

  5. Great job! You are a very creative boy. I agree about the flip flops!

  6. Hey Boring office guy, I think I had a career like that! I hope your career is more exciting. Very creative boring work! Great job! 😉

  7. BOG – I loved your video. What a creative guy you are! Keep up the good work and I can’t wait for episode #2. Btw, who picked ELO for the soundtrack??

  8. Grandma & Grandpa Says:

    Hey, BOG, we love the way you dance but if we tried to do that we might hurt ourselves.

  9. Anisha&Adrian Says:

    Cool Clip!

  10. Dessi Bennett Says:

    Great acting, BOG! WTG! We love The Office. Yours is even funner!

  11. Danielle Grieco Says:

    Julia and I watched and laughed!! Julia thinks it’s funny…so much she wants to watch it again!!

  12. Angela: Boring Office Dad suggested ELO and the rest of us agreed it worked 🙂

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