Live Boring Office Guy

Recently, I’ve been testing out broadcasting live on YouTube. These are the different live videos I’ll be posting:

Cookie Clicker Saturday, 11/2/13 12:35 pm – 1:00 pm I’m going to be playing a game called Cookie Clicker live and talk about my progress in the game!

Minecraft BoringOfficeGuy Saturday, 11/2/13 2:00 pm – ? I’ll be pretending I got stuck inside a computer game called Minecraft and I’ll investigate to find a way out!

You guys can ask me questions that I’ll answer for this next one.

BoringLive Sunday, 11/3/13 2:00 – ? I will talk about my life as BoringOfficeGuy!

Any questions you write in the comments section of this post will be answered live. (example: Why is your boss so mean?)

4 Responses to “Live Boring Office Guy”

  1. Ok, BOG, can you tell me what a typical day in your office is like? And how about lunch? Do you go out with coworkers, or do you brown bag it?

  2. How many ties do you own?

  3. Do your suits give you any superpowers and if so, do the different colors represent different modes?

  4. Do you like burgers? if so, tell me how good they are. Im thinking of going to Burgerbella’s Burger Land

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