About Boring Office Guy

Homemade notepad

Boring Office Guy, or BOG, as he is often referred to (although he is not terribly fond of the abbreviation) is a cubicle-dwelling superhero, with a mild-mannered secret identity, which he will not divulge to you, no matter how much you tickle him.

BOG’s Mom helps him out with the website design, but the content is all his.

I his own words:

i am boring office guy the most talented 8 year old 3rd grader in a first comunion suite who dances.

Thanks for visiting the office.  See where it all began, and then don’t forget to punch out before you go!

2 Responses to “About Boring Office Guy”

  1. So BOG what hours do u keep?
    Can you let me know in Oz time?

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